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Building commissioning is a formalized approach with an emphasis on the operating aspects of the facilty, and adds a focus on documentation, continuing review of primary facility goals, coordinated testing of components and systems, and well-defined operating and maintenance procedures.  The goal of commissioning is to plan, design, intall, test, operate, and maintain a facility and all of its systems and assemblies that meet the Owner's Project Requirements. 

Existing Building Commissioning or Retrocommissioning is a process that strives to improve building performance by examining how the systems and equipment are functioning together.  As buildings age, often the layout or use of the building changes as well.  Through careful review of the facility and its current usage, often no-cost or low-cost energy savings can be determined, improvements to occupant comfort made, and larger scale improvements to increase efficiency can be identified.

Fundamental Building Commissioning is a prerequisite for any building seeking LEED certification.  Additional credits may be earned through the pursuit of Enhanced Building Commissioning services which begins early in the design process and provides additional services to be completed after verification of system performance has been documented.


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